plastic cladding panels
Eurotexx cladding

Create a unique look with Eurotexx¬†plastic cladding panels and skylights. Eurotexx offers sustainable building materials […]

Attributes: environmentally friendly, High density material, Low maintenance, perfect closure, UV resistant

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full foam cladding

Eurotexx is as sustainable and environmentally friendly cladding used in both new construction and renovation projects. Eurotexx double rebate and gunwale may only be mounted horizontally. Eurotexx facade panels are made of a high-density PVC-UE full foam with a co-extruded top layer, which is UV-resistant. Eurotexx has proven outdoor performance that meet the high standard.

Rabat Share

The rebate sharing Eurotexx are a form of cladding applied particularly in the timber and housing. Unique improved structure of a double rebate part provides a more natural look. Eurotexx cladding boards are an innovation in full foam siding with the unique closure, long structure and high density.