plastic wall cladding

A stylish and attractive look of your home or office adds to the pleasure of living. VinyPlus gives homes and business premises a contemporary character. VinyPlus siding and eaves are made of high quality recycled plastics and are low-maintenance and durable.

Painting no longer

VinyPlus siding retains its shape, does not warp under the influence of moisture or heat, and is also not affected by fungi and bacteria. The durable cladding and roofline require little maintenance. Sanding, painting or staining a thing of the past. VinyPlus the best product for each façade job!

VinyPlus upvc cladding

A stylish and attractive look of your home or business premises adds to the living. VinyPlus® upvc cladding give homes […]

Attributes: CE marking, invisible mounting, long lengths, Low maintenance, moisture Resistant, natural look, UV resistant

VinyPlus roofline

VinyPlus® fascia board are made from high-quality recycled plastics. The same material that is used for example for aircraft components and […]

Attributes: Easy to process, environmentally friendly, long lengths, Low maintenance, natural look, UV resistant