Milin is a total supplier when it comes to the PVC frame finishing. The products for the interior finishing of window frames are suitable for both new construction and renovation. Traditional frame such as MDF and wood require much maintenance as opposed to the maintenance-friendly PVC frame. Are you planning to place a PVC frame finish, we will deliver the PVC frame finishing in the right color and the right material such as PVC and Renolit.

Benefits PVC frames

The purchase price of vinyl frames is often higher than wooden frames. But beware, because vinyl frames offer many advantages over wooden frames. If you have vinyl frames in your current home, you do put them in principle never be replaced. The frames are resistant to weather such as rain, hail and sunshine. Moisture and heat have substantially no influence on the material. vinyl acts as an insulator and it saves heating costs. Another major benefit is increased security. vinyl frames are more resistant to breaking than regular frames. The biggest advantage is that vinyl frames you never have to paint anymore! Clean occasionally a time and your windows are again as good as new.

PVC frame finish

For Plastics we frame finishes include sills, dagkantafwerkingen, window dressings, moldings, corners fold and Z-profiles. You can not name it, if we have the profile you are looking for. Consider yourself to place a plastic frame, please feel free to contact our sales department. Our specialists are working on to get ready to help you with your choice.