The reveal is the side of a doorway. Usually, the window- frame is placed in here. With the extensive assortment Milin finishing for Vinyl windows, you can have a neat finish. Milin finishing products are available in different shapes and sizes. You can choose from several colors, structure foil and materials. Reveal profiles are easy to assemble and fit perfectly with any plastic frame brand.


The PVC finishing has the major advantage that it does not need to be painted. It is protective, maintenance poor and UV-resistant. The sides are  easy to assemble. On each PVC profile we offer minimum 10-year warranty.

Applications embrasure

Opposite hinge side profiles, as previously reported, will be your PVC frame for finishing projects that has a neat less connection. It is widely used in both new construction and renovation sector. Reveal sides are an ideal solution for dormers, housing, recreation building, construction, unit construction and houseboats. All our products, including the reveal finish, carry the DuBo label. This label indicates that a product is an environmentally conscious choice.