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wood or pvc cladding
Wood or PVC?
The difference between wooden or plastic façade cladding is currently not in appearance, but in the properties. Plastic has undergone many developments in recent years, so that plastic can hardly be distinguished from the real natural wood. With printed wood grain, the application of structured sheets and the use of […]
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recycleble cladding
VinyPlus -100% recyclable
The appearance of natural wood combined with the ease of low maintenancehoud VinyPlus® is made of 100% high-quality recycled plastic and is finished with a high-quality UV-resistant outer foil. The foil gives VinyPlus® the same familiar appearance as wood and is available in stock in 29 colors. With a decrease […]
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facade insulation
Saving cost with facade insulation
Reducing the environmental impact has recently been a hot item in our country. In order to comply with the climate summit agreements in Europe, the Netherlands still has many steps to take until the ultimate goal of CO2 reduction is achieved. The government takes measures at national level, but also […]
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Quality marks Wonderboard
Quality marks are there to guarantee independent quality guarantee of the process or product. The business sector uses these quality marks to ensure that the risks, for example in food safety, are limited to the minimum. Nowadays you have quality marks that are supplied from the government or labels that […]
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wood look fiber cement siding
Wood structures made of plastic
The universal building material; wood, nowadays consists of various choices to meet the wishes of the customer. Where once the wish was to have a roof above your head and are protected from rain and wind by cladding, it has now become more of a taste issue. This flavor has […]
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vensterbank vervangen
Replace inside window sill
Now that the weather is getting winter, people spend more time indoors. This creates an urge to change or renew the device, in order to get the idea to go back to a new home. A part of the installation is done on the window window, on the windowsill. Many […]
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modulaire gevelbekleding
Brushed structure cladding
The durable façade cladding range now consists of 13 different façade panels. Last summer we introduced the new rebate part Multitexx. This panel has a unique appearance of brushed wood and is frequently used in new construction and renovation projects. Multitexx is a new modern facade panel that is made out of […]
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finishing materials
For every need a solution
If you have the largest range of durable finishes, it is obvious that design freedom and product selection are different. Nowadays with all the trends and hypes surrounding a second house, the wishes of the owners have become increasingly complex. Where previously the choice for the finished products used by […]
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exterior wall cladding
Exterior wall cladding
Where earlier wood was used as a universal building material, the choices are nowadays different. Due to shifts in customer’s need, the environmentally conscious of man and the wishes for creativity, there are nowadays various materials available to deliver a unique project. Because the facade of a house or business […]
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