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architecture facade
Milin for the architect
In architecture you see in a variety of ways the designer’s signature back in the building. Especially the facade image gives a distinctive identity that you want to keep for decades. In addition to appearance and quality, sustainability plays an increasingly important role in the choice of finishing materials. Something […]
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directe verlijming
Direct gluing, fastest renovation
Wonderboard has become a frequently used product for renovations or new buildings where hygienic walls are a requirement. Wonderboard is the market leader and trendsetter when it comes to HACCP walls and ceilings. Not only the high quality materials make this happen, but the mechanics and installers are also catered […]
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It’s time for durability
2016 was yet another good year for the construction sector. After years of revenue declines, less spending and in the worst cases even foreclosures now is the time for growth. The outlook for 2017 and 2018 are positive, with promising weather good years for construction companies. The main growth area […]
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NEW: Kerrafront Trend siding
Milin B.V. has expanded its program siding with a new full foam wall panel. The product is characterized by its solid colors and robust appearance. The narrow groove has a perfect connection, so that there are no cracks after installation. Also features as: working width, high density and recyclability characterize […]
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deeplas boeidelen
NEW: Deeplas rooflines
Deeplas, now also in the new Milin stock catalog Durable finishing materials in 2017 Milin B.V. has expanded its eaves program full foam roof panels Deeplas. The products are characterized by their sleek look and easy installation. Also features like UV resistance, environmental friendliness and high quality panels characterize the […]
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plastic siding panels
Where do you use VinyPlus?
VinyPlus eaves and siding has been used for more than a decade as a sustainable solution for a new facade. VinyPlus is made from high quality plastics with technological developments and innovations that plays an important role when it comes to the features and appearance. VinyPlus has become a household name […]
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duurzaam bouwen
Endurance, lack of progress
Sustainable building, that is the focus with regard to the construction industry not only in Netherlands but all over the world in developed countries. are at the climate summit in 2015, all countries participating in it, agreed to reduce the environmental pollution. Sustainable building was one of the agenda items […]
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kunstof steenstrips
The reasons for plastic stone strips
More and more we see a increase demand for plastic bricks of the brands VinyBrick and Zierer. Product developments and innovations, has have these plastic bricks now indistinguishable from real bricks. This allows to create a shift in the use of finishing materials for facades. Plastic bricks are very durable, […]
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keuze materiaal
Private sector choosing the material
Where once about leaving the individual all the contractor / construction company, we see this trend shift. An increasing number of owners want to have influence on the choice of the materials, and the mark being used. Where once the specialist knew all about the materials and brands, this information […]
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