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duurzame renovatie
Time for a sustainable renovation
After nearly eight years of economic crisis it seems to end. Unemployment is decreasing, people have more to spend and housing prices are rising. The economic crisis has a negative charge, but now we crawl out of it, there will be also opportunities! For example, invest in your home through […]
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vinyplus gevelbekleding
Aware of VinyPlus?
With VinyPlus Cladding you ensure that a home or business will receive a stylish and attractive character. VinyPlus is a brand roofing and cladding made of high quality plastic. Meanwhile, the brand has gone through many innovations and developments. There are four different models; Rabat, round side, opdekdeel combined with […]
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wallpanels kitchen
Wonderboard offers the solution
2 at the 5 star restaurants in the Netherlands since 2012 to score enough to badly when it comes to hygiene in the kitchens. This examination of the Food Safety Authority has been revealed by journalists KRO-NCRV. The restaurants are tapped their fingers because roams around in the kitchen pest, […]
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wood or plastic cladding
Wood or plastic cladding?
The siding era makes many changes in recent years. We see a shift in the material used, timber slowly loses its monopoly. More and more homeowners, designers and architects choose, thanks to advanced techniques for alternative waste products. The rationale is that the alternatives have greater freedom designer with a […]
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Low emission interior materials
Low emission interior materials
In manufacturing, food- or other premises where hygiene is being a (large) part Wonderboard is widely used. Wonderboard is the market leader when it comes to hygienic wall and ceiling finishing. Many companies use this product and this number is growing! The growth is made possible by easy install (can […]
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Sustainable facade renovation
Wind, rain, hail, sun, heat and cold, the weather conditions that may affect traditional finishing materials. The longer these finishing materials are exposed to these influences, the faster will show the material defects when not taken into account during installation. When these defects are in force, it is high time […]
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plastic eaves
Why plastic eaves?
Wonderful plastic eaves with different emissions. It used a wooden eaves quite normal, now you finished growing eaves with durable plastic materials. The reasons for this change are: Natural look with plastic properties. Large selection so a great design freedom moisture Resistant Easy to process No more painting Low maintenance […]
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kunststof of hout
Cladding in the summer months
The temperature is rising, the flowers are growing and bloom is in full swing, it’s time for the summer months! This means that cladding needs special attention in example storage, mounting and processing of cladding. storage of cladding All panels should be treated with the utmost care so the quality will […]
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duurzame afbouwmaterialen
Milin and the holidays
The construction industry holiday lies ahead. Milin will be open during this period from 25 July to 26th August. We are on weekdays from 8.00 to 12.15 and from 12.45 to reach 17.00. So you can just during the construction industry holiday ask questions, place orders and complete your projects! […]
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