Milyt HPL sheet

The Milyt® solid HPL sheet can be used in a number of ways. Examples are the cladding of a dormer […]

Attributes: CE marking, easy assembly, Easy to process, Low maintenance, weatherproof

PVC plates

HPL board stands for High Presure Laminate board. This building material is produced by bringing together a combination of thermo-setting resin […]

Attributes: environmentally friendly, Low maintenance, Never need to paint, Shockproof, UV resistant

Vekaplan PVC foam sheet

Vekaplan S – smooth rigid PVC foam sheet Smooth rigid PVC foam sheet in 10mm that we supply from stock. […]

Attributes: colorfast, hold its own form, light go through, moisture Resistant, recyclable, sound isolation, thermical isolation

Milin MDF profiles

Milin is a specialist in coated MDF profiles. These are used in house construction but, above all, in leisure construction […]

Attributes: easy assembly, easy to paint, protecting, Strong, strongly

Milin PVC profiles

Hard PVC / Plastic profiles Milin offers a wide range of choice of different profiles. The plastic profiles are UV […]