exterior cladding panels
Kerrafront Trend (Stone)

Kerrafront Trend are full-foam exterior cladding panels that is used in new construction, recreation and […]

Attributes: durable and flexibel, easy assembly, environmentally friendly, High density material, long lengths, Low maintenance, natural look, protecting, recyclable, Shockproof, unique look, UV resistant
upvc cladding
VinyPlus upvc cladding

A stylish and attractive look of your home or business premises adds to the living. […]

Attributes: CE marking, invisible mounting, long lengths, Low maintenance, moisture Resistant, natural look, UV resistant
plastic cladding panels
Eurotexx cladding

Create a unique look with Eurotexx plastic cladding panels and skylights. Eurotexx offers sustainable building materials […]

Attributes: environmentally friendly, High density material, Low maintenance, perfect closure, UV resistant
fiber cement siding
Dutchplank Fiber concrete cladding

DutchPlank® fiber cement siding is a durable and multifunctional fiber concrete, which are available in […]

Attributes: environmentally friendly, flame resistant, in all colors, Low maintenance, unique look, UV resistant, won't rot
external cladding
WoodDesign natural wood look siding

vinyl siding wood look WoodDesign external cladding look with three-color technology is a new generation […]

Attributes: CE marking, environmentally friendly, long lengths, Low maintenance, natural look, perfect closure, UV resistant
V joint cladding
Multitexx full foam siding

Multitexx V joint cladding is a new modern feature part of Milin B.V’s full-foam program. […]

Attributes: easy assembly, invisible mounting, long lengths, Low maintenance, perfect closure, recyclable, UV resistant, weatherproof
recycled plastic cladding
Milexx plastic siding

Milexx® recycled plastic cladding that is used primarily in timber-frame construction and house construction. It […]

Attributes: Easy to process, long lengths, Low maintenance, natural look, recyclable, UV resistant
plastic stone strips
VinyStone crushed stone panels

VinyStone plastic stone strips that are truly natural stone in the surface is sealed, the […]

Attributes: Low maintenance, moisture Resistant, real stone layer, recyclable, Shockproof, UV resistant
Crushed stone panels
VinyTherm Crushed stone panels

VinyTherm® Crushed stone panels are used for renovation projects which have to have a purely natural […]

Attributes: easy assembly, Low maintenance, natural look, recyclable, UV resistant
stone panels
Zierer stone motif panels

Zierer® fibreglass-reinforced plastic stone panels are used as cladding, primarily for mobilehome building or caravans. They are also […]

Attributes: Easy to process, UV resistant, Water-repellent
Milin lead replacement
Milin lead replacement

A durable and versatile replacement for the traditional lead. Made from very high quality SBS […]

Attributes: anti thief, environmentally friendly, long lengths, low in weight, Low maintenance, UV resistant
Milinfolie construction film
Milinfolie vapour permeable foil

Lamina 110, high-quality waterproof vapour permeable film, offers optimal moisture protection. Lamina 110 is a […]

Attributes: easy assembly, Easy to process, UV resistant

Onze merken

vinyl siding

vinyl siding programme at Milin in an all-round concept of professional high-quality products. Besides supplying sidings with all the accompanying accessories, we also provide support to our customers.

Examples are project support, training and advice and marketing such as documentation, displays and online support Choice of material:
– pvc / pvc-ue
– wood fibre
– composite
– crushed stone
– polyester.

In the forms of:
– dutchlap
– round reveal
– sheet material
– stone strips

What isvinyl siding?

vinyl siding provides protection and enhances the look of a home or building. In the past, a lot of natural products were used as cladding with the disadvantage being that they had to be maintained and painted. In the case of natural products, such as wood, this is a continuous, never-ending process. Milin believes it is crucial to use sustainable wall claddings which require almost no maintenance and never have to be painted. A major advantage for the end user, is that the is cost-effective. All the wall claddings have to be fitted to a framework to enable natural ventilation. This not only helps to keep the wall cladding intact but also the building itself. Milin has developed detailed assembly instructions for all its wall cladding products. You should always read these first before starting work.