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Create a unique look with Eurotexx plastic cladding panels and skylights. Eurotexx offers sustainable building materials for sustainable construction. The Eurotexx discount parts and plastic edges are full foam facades made from some high quality materials.

plastic cladding panels

The facade and tile edge coverings are durable, environmentally friendly, 100% recyclable and UV resistant.
Due to a long unique wood structure of 1.5 meters, the plastic panels get a credible look of real wood. In addition, they are waterproof due to the unique perfect closure. The fast and easy-to-assemble full foam facades have a standard length of 6 meters. Eurotexx discounts are frequently used in various branches. The most common industry is the holiday homes or chalet industry. Best value for maintenance for durable and durable plastic facade cladding.

Eurotexx plastic cladding panels wall coverings are provided with brass and are fixed in the groove. With a working height of 33cm and 6m long, the shots are not only simple but also quick to assemble. Double discount is full foam foil cover, leaving the edge gracefully at the top of each panel so that it passes directly into the feather. Double discount is available in 11 different colors.

Eurotexx pot cover discounts give facades a natural appearance. Pot cover facades have a perfect closure and feature a brass and groove and protected façades against all weather effects. Eurotexx façades are easy to mount and have a working height of 18 cm and 6 meters long. In addition, they are maintenance-friendly, recyclable and have a high material density.

Choose for quality. Build sustainable and environmentally conscious with Eurotexx® facade cladding

  • environmentally friendly
  • High density material
  • Low maintenance
  • perfect closure
  • UV resistant
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  • Eurotexx cladding 5 Nick Ramselaar
    After receiving a sample I chose this product because it met all our requirements. Meanwhile, it is already on our facade, magnificent result is a must for everyone
  • Eurotexx cladding 5 Patrick Lodewijks
    Double tongue and groove boards ordered to hold our chalet in anthracite. Delivery and installation was easy and fast through the double cladding boards.
  • Eurotexx cladding 5 Elena
    Our contractor came with eurotexx siding as an option for our facade. In similar products look but Eurotexx stood out from the bus. Now we have two weeks anthracite cladding and we are very happy with it, a must for everyone!
  • Eurotexx cladding 5 Joost hendriksen
    For our old days, bought a cottage to unwind. Our chalet is lined with nylon panels Eurotexx. The look of our chalet now stands out among all the other chalets.

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