Dutchplank Fiber concrete cladding

  • fiber cement siding
  • environmentally friendly
  • flame resistant
  • in all colors
  • Low maintenance
  • unique look
  • UV resistant
  • won't rot

DutchPlank® fiber cement siding is a durable and multifunctional fiber concrete, which are available in any color. Thanks to the technique, the appearance of cedar can be mimicked, but with the properties of fiber concrete. The strength of DutchPlank fiber concrete siding is the combination of the durability of fiber concrete with the natural beauty of wood. The cladding is made from Portland concrete, ground sand, natural organic fibers, natural calcium silicate, water, and mineral fillers.

fiber cement siding

DutchPlank fiber cement siding is made mostly from FSC wood pulp and fly ash. Fly ash is released by burning coal. This fly ash is re-used in the production of Dutch Plank wall covering 100% recycled.

Fireproof cladding

The fiber concrete siding is fireproof (fire class A) and is easy to use. For a detailed and seamless finish its fiber concrete profiles available. These are also available in all imaginable colors. For a colorful low-maintenance facade, DutchPlank siding is the ideal material. The plastic panels lend itself perfectly to the new construction and renovation.

Unique color cladding

Do you have a project where you need a specific color. Then we can make this color from 60 m2.


Facade panel:
3660 x 210 x 8 mm
Acting: 210 mm

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