Milexx plastic siding

  • recycled plastic cladding
  • Easy to process
  • long lengths
  • Low maintenance
  • natural look
  • recyclable
  • UV resistant

Milexx® recycled plastic cladding that is used primarily in timber-frame construction and house construction. It is available with both a wood texture and smooth. Milexx® is made from PVC-UE with a co-extrusion top layer. The material has been successfully used for more than 30 years.


  • A natural look
  • Substantial lengths (6 m)
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Straightforward assembly
  • Easy to process
  • Low maintenance
  • Recyclable
  • UV resistant


  • For both the new construction and the renovation sectors
  • Mobile homes
  • Garden houses
  • Timber-frame construction
  • Leisure construction
  • House construction
  • Roof gutter overhang
  • Unit construction
  • Houseboats

Milexx recycled plastic cladding

Milexx® is a low maintenance cladding system with a very realistic wood texture. Wooden claddings are heavy, cumbersome and will in time always need extra maintenance. The Milexx® system is 100%  environmentally-friendly, because 95% of it can be recycled. This gives you an environmentally-friendly façade for the long term.

The Milexx® system has been successfully used for years. The panels are available as  single and double dutchlape. Fascia boards are also available, for example for roof gutter cladding. Our unique standard length of 6 metres allows simple and quick processing.

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