Milin lead replacement

  • Milin lead replacement
  • anti thief
  • environmentally friendly
  • long lengths
  • low in weight
  • Low maintenance
  • UV resistant

A durable and versatile replacement for the traditional lead. Made from very high quality SBS bitumen and features a stretch metal reinforcement. The similarity to lead is very large by the very fine gray slate chipping  finish of the SBS bitumen.

Milin Lead replacement is environmentally friendly, 50% lighter than lead, processable  in long lengths and various widths and applicable everywhere.


  • Durable replacement of lead
  • Easy to apply, long lengths
  • Various widths
  • 50% lighter than lead
  • Cradle to Cradle
  • Bitumen backing
  • Better adhesion

Mounting instructions:

  • Handle up to max 3000mm (width 300 mm) 1 piece
  • Apply with staples or tacks
  • Loose overlay or glued
  • Minimum processing temperature 5° c
  • 30% beatable (minimum of 20% is needed)
  • Cut with Stanley knife or scissors