Milinfolie vapour permeable foil

  • Milinfolie construction film
  • easy assembly
  • Easy to process
  • UV resistant

Lamina 110, high-quality waterproof vapour permeable film, offers optimal moisture protection. Lamina 110 is a vapour permeable waterproof 3-layer polypropylene fillm of 110 grams, consisting of two geotextiles and ‘ high breathable film ‘. Also, this vapour permeable foil contributes to saving energy costs and thus environment friendly.

Create a high-quality outer shell for roofs, walls and facades. It is also easy to attach and easy to mount to any back construction such as wood and insulation material.

Lamina 110 is available in rolls of 50 m¹ and 1.5 m¹.


– Extremely vapour permeable
– Easy Assembly
– Absolutely waterproof (W1)
– Easy to mount to any back construction
– Fire class E
– High-quality outer shell
– No chance for moisture
– Wall cladding remains well
– High tensile and tear strengths
– Positive RC-value
– Rolls of 50 m¹ and 1.5 m¹.