Multitexx full foam siding

  • V joint cladding
  • easy assembly
  • invisible mounting
  • long lengths
  • Low maintenance
  • perfect closure
  • recyclable
  • UV resistant
  • weatherproof

Multitexx V joint cladding is a new modern feature part of Milin B.V’s full-foam program. Multitexx gives homes, business premises, holiday homes and chalets a natural but also a modern look. Thanks to its unique structure, which imitates the appearance of rough wood, the plastic panels give a natural appearance, but with the advantages of plastic.

Low maintenance

Because the spade part is made of plastic, this has a low maintenance capacity. This means that the façades need little overlook in comparison with, for example, wooden facade cladding. It is only a matter of cleaning the wall panels 1 a 2 times a year with a simple soup to maintain the appearance and properties.

Major maintenance or, in the worst case, a renovation is excluded. Where you need to maintain wood for the +/- 5 years with a paint or new wood panels, plastic is color-resistant and will not rot, mold or even crumble.

Finished V joint cladding

Multitexx has a perfect closure thanks to the V-groove finish. This means that no fitting joints or connecting profiles are necessary to connect the panels. The V-groove makes it much easier to connect and you can not see any uneven connections, just a slice that is difficult to see from a distance. This V-groove also cares for waterproofing and other features.

Multitexx is both vertical as horizontal applicable to the type of modular constructions. The easy installation is a standard thanks to the low weight of the panels.

Top layer

The full foam is supported with a co-extrusion top layer. This top layer gives the facade panels extra strength, making it ideal for outdoor use. External influences like rain, sun and wind will not affect the durability and strength of the panels. This top layer also takes care of an extensive color palette.

Multitexx is available in 6 different colors: White, Cream, Gray, Bassalt Gray, Green and Brand New in our range is Cappuccino.

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