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WoodDesign external cladding look with three-color technology is a new generation of full foam cladding. The plastic panels will have a credible appearance of wood. This particular three-color technology offers an authentic atmosphere due to the natural structure. Thanks to the unique closure, the panels are easy to assemble.

Enjoy the most of a real façade color, the unique Wooddesign colors namely a UV resistant top layer. WoodDesign siding is available in three different colors: Graphite, gold oak and silver grey.

It is advisable to call in a professional construction company for optimal wood-like siding. Refer Milin website to submit an application for a construction company in a particular region. You can also see all the results in our projects.

Wood Design wood effect vinyl siding are manufactured in the EU and have a CE mark and meet the guidelines of Sustainable Building

Wood Design external cladding

A sustainable façade is a perfect alternative to wooden facades that can rot and require a lot of maintenance. The WoodDesign facades are low maintenance, and does not rot. In addition, the cladding is made of high quality plastics and is recyclable.

WoodDesign siding are commonly used in the new construction and renovation sector and summer houses, chalets, bungalows, houseboats, timber frame, recreation, housing and unit construction.


6000 x 219 x 17 mm
Acting: 180 mm

  • CE marking
  • environmentally friendly
  • long lengths
  • Low maintenance
  • natural look
  • perfect closure
  • UV resistant
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  • WoodDesign natural wood look siding 5 Hans der burght
    The 3D effect give it a natural look. My advantage is that I do not have to paint only a cloth over it to keep it clean. top product

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