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A stylish and attractive look of your home or business premises adds to the living. VinyPlus® upvc cladding give homes and business premises a contemporary character. VinyPlus® plastic facade cladding and roof edges, made from high-grade recycled plastics, are maintenance-friendly, durable, environmentally friendly, UV resistant and easy to install.

upvc cladding: painting no longer required

VinyPlus vinyl cladding is durable, does not pull curl under the influence of moisture or heat, and is also not affected by fungi and bacteria. The durable façades and skylights require little maintenance. Sanding, painting or pasture belong to the past. The outside coverings are custom-made.

Surrounding facade panels give homes and buildings a contemporary and modern look. A round part is a brace part that is connected with brass and groove and in which the parts are symmetrical in the front. Both for horizontal and vertical and diagonal facade cladding. The plastic profiles have a structural foil for better protection.
The rounded facade coverings are widely used in new construction and recreation sectors, for example for the renovation of outdoor skylights, roof tiles, old apartment buildings are refurbished with style, renovation of apartments, residential buildings, gazebos, brush bars or crossings.
Rabatdelen provides homes and buildings of facade cladding for an authentic look. With plastic discount parts the top graces gracefully and goes straight into the feather. Discount parts are suitable for sealing walls and are carried out in structural foil, grain structure. The structural film gives the wall panels a realistic natural look.

Our standard plastic facade cladding is thus expanded with a new type of facade panel: VinyPlus top part. With this renewal, a new dimension is given to the look of your facade.

New look upvc cladding

The basis for this is the cover part in combination with the VinyPlus round panel. The cover parts are thicker plastic panels than the round side variant. Due to the thickness of the partition, there is a deeper dimension that gives shadow a more intense experience to the façade.

Mounting partition

The cover parts can only be mounted vertically and are mounted between round panels. The deck is like a standard 6 meter long panel and is made of high-grade recycled plastics. The mounting, finish, color and texture of the cover part is the same as the round panel. This creates a uniform and tightly finished facade image with a unique appearance.

Choose for durability and convenience, choose VinyPlus® plastic panels for your facade or eaves. Sustainable and conscious building, so living is really enjoying!

  • CE marking
  • invisible mounting
  • long lengths
  • Low maintenance
  • moisture Resistant
  • natural look
  • UV resistant
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  • VinyPlus upvc cladding 5 Thomas Andriessen
    We bought Vinyplus because of its durability, strength, and it is low maintenance. On the front and rear mounted in place of wooden laths. I would definitely recommend to others. Saves a lot of painting.
  • VinyPlus upvc cladding 5 Hans Schering
    Chosen Vinyplus cladding as the best price - quallity ratio. The result is beyond expectations!
  • VinyPlus upvc cladding 5 Marianne van Straten
    Last summer Vinyplus siding installed. Looks very good. Color chosen after sending a color samples and brochures.
  • VinyPlus upvc cladding 5 Michel Woutersen
    We have plastic cladding of the brand Vinyplus leave places at the front of our house. That not only looks nice, but we need it not to paint anymore. Lovely. I meegekeken installation and it also looks simple. Our new dormer we now want the eaves and overhang panels carry the same look and feel. Looks like they have enough durable finishing materials in Milin, so that is certainly good.
  • VinyPlus upvc cladding 5 Geordy
    Reat products. We are self vinyPlus siding on our side wall. And still all top after six years.
  • VinyPlus upvc cladding 5 Ben Pater
    We have 4 years ago installed a dormer with vinyPLus siding and a Milinboard plastic windowsill. Is maintenance free and still looks perfectly !! Very satisfied.
  • VinyPlus upvc cladding 5 Jeffrey Faber
    2 months ago vinyPLus blue siding show mounting on the facade. Looks good and very maintenance free

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