Zierer stone motif panels

  • stone panels
  • Easy to process
  • UV resistant
  • Water-repellent

Zierer® fibreglass-reinforced plastic stone panels are used as cladding, primarily for mobilehome building or caravans. They are also extremely suitable for the underside of chalets, to close the gap between the caravan and the ground and shield the chassis from view.


  • Patented watertight seal
  • Lightweight
  • Very impact resistant
  • Straightforward assembly
  • Easy to process
  • Low maintenance

Applications Zierer stone panels

Betonlook cladding is used mainly in the leisure and housing. The stone is also used to strip the height to the ground at the bottom of chalets or caravans, to close. This allows the foundation is no longer visible.
Zierer stone strip can be used inter alia for new construction and renovation, chalets, bungalows, mobile homes, garden sheds, chimneys, houseboats and housing.