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The main characteristic that distinguishes the Kerradeco, is the digital printing of the highest quality in a 12 cm wide unique pattern. Kerradeco decorative wall is an excellent alternative for sheet metal, ceramic tile or painted walls. Kerradeco is made from 100% hard foam plastic and different from the traditional wall and ceiling systems by combining a structure of natural materials and a digital print High Quality.

Why Kerradeco decorative wall panels?

Thanks to the durability and absolute water resisting, it can be used in demanding areas, such as; kitchen or bathroom as well as livingroom or bedroom. The connections between the individual elements are invisible. Kerradeco decorative wall panels is also ideal for restaurant, hotel or shop that needs warm and decorative walls.

The decorative wall panels for wall and ceiling coverings are easy to install and require little maintenance.

Wall panel:
1350 x 295 x 9 mm
Acting: 270 mm

  • 3D printed pattern
  • easy assembly
  • Easy to process
  • moisture Resistant
  • Water-repellent
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  • Kerradeco decorative wall panels 5 Laura van der Kemp
    Our "teahouse" We have let coated inside with Kerradeco. It has now become our favorites spot the warm glow. There may well be partying for the panels to be so clean.
  • Kerradeco decorative wall panels 5 Paul Leeuwis
    Kerradeco used for arranging our meeting room. No boring sleek white walls but decorative walls create a warm and cozy atmosphere.

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