Eazyboard decorative fiberglass reinforced wallpanels

  • tilemotive wallpanels
  • tegelmotief wandbekleding
  • Assembly by means of direct bonding
  • Easier and faster than tiling
  • FRP = Fiber reinforced Polyester
  • Ideal for renovation projects
  • Low maintenance and easy to clean
  • Protects against mildew and mildew growth
  • Water and dirt repellent

Do you have a renovation or new construction project? Eazyboard® tile motif wallcovering is an extremely suitable decorative wall covering for renovation and new construction projects in wet and dry areas, such as living spaces, kitchens, changing rooms, halls, toilet rooms and restaurants. The Eazybord panel has unique properties that fit perfectly in these spaces.

Nostalgic and elegant
Eazyboard is available in a nostalgic tile motif, and is a very practical alternative to re-tiling or placing wall panels. There are hardly any visible connections, which gives a beautiful, unambiguous appearance, with hardly visible imperfections. The plates are easy to edit
and particularly easy to maintain.

Fast and easy
Eazyboard tile motif wallcovering is widely used for covering the walls in areas where renovation or time-saving maintenance is necessary. The panels are 2.3 mm thick and therefore easy to apply to the wall. The panels are easily washable and therefore very easy to maintain. In Eazyboard sheets, a special type of high-strength polyester resin is combined with fiberglass-reinforced polyester to give the boards superior quality, durability and flexibility. The result is a coating that is tough, strong and easy to clean. The unique protective layer ensures that the sheets are also impact-resistant in addition to mold and bacteria. The plates are thermally stable and do not lose strength at temperatures from -60 ° C to + 60 ° C.

Direct bonding
Eazyboard® glass fiber reinforced polyester sheets have a standard thickness of 2.3 mm. They can be glued directly onto flat surfaces such as tile walls, plasterboard, concrete, stone and stucco without loss of space. This is possible in both new and old situations against masonry, gas or aerated concrete and insulation panels. The plates have a width of 1200 mm and a height of 2400 mm. They can be connected to each other with the help of a silicone sealant. By working the joint with a spoon or the tip of your finger, this creates a proportional joint. Another solution is the use of a two-component adhesive bond. With 2C glue the plates can be connected horizontally and vertically to a flat surface. The result is a very strong connection.

Eazyboard tile motif wallcovering is very suitable in rooms where ceramic tiles are used as standard. In these spaces is already spoke of intensive use. Think of sanitary rooms, kitchens and bathrooms, but also dry areas such as bedroom, hall or living room.

Eazyboard panels are very easy to maintain. The panel consists of solid hardened glass fiber to the core, so that no dirt can settle in or between the tiles. The superficial dirt is easily removed during daily and weekly cleaning. Use as neutral a cleaning agent (pH 7) as possible without acids and avoid using oil. Wipe the panels with a cloth. Do not do this with a scouring sponge, because that will result in scratches on the coating.

Do not forget…

Finishing profiles – For a sleek and beautiful hygienic finish
Primer & Cleaner – For a clean surface on which the plates are attached.
Kit and caulking – For the best connection of panels

FRP polyester plate 2,3mm:
1220 x 2440 mm
tile motif: 100 x 100 mm