DPI door panels

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Milin distributes DPI® door panels and sandwich panels in the Netherlands. We supply 5 different programmes, of which 3 have been specially made by Milin for the Dutch market. The major advantages for you are: a single point of contact, short lines of communication, Dutch contacts, special offers and Dutch documentation.


  • Dooro Premium series
  • Preego Medium series
  • ALU PLUS6 series
  • Doordreams series
  • Geometrix plus
  • Intaara Collection

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The Dooro programme is the Premium series. This programme is designed to meet almost all your wishes, as regards both glass and model. This programme is available in both plastic and aluminium and Renolit depending on the model. The Preego programme is the Medium series with a very straightforward pricing structure. 5 basic prices + 7 additional charges. The standard programme is available in 9 Renolit colours + cream and white varnish. Other Renolit colours are available per model on request.

The Doordreams programme is a range of door panels in cream and white varnish. You can choose from 4 different types of glass. These door panels are all available from € 255.00.

The  ALU PLUS6 programme is a small range of aluminium door panels with Renolit for competitive prices. These door panels are available from € 449.00.

The Geometrix plus programme is a range of 12 attractive designs with integrated stainless steel door handles for an attractive price.

For more information and details of our interesting prices, please contact our door panels department on telephone number: +31 (0)30 – 606 92 22.

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