Within the assortment of Milinboard there are different types of windowsills for delivery in use: with a round or pointed nose, transfer window sills and new to the assortment, the stone look windowsills. Milinboard is available in different colors, designs and patterns up to 60.5 cm wide. Milinboard windowsills are easy to assemble and is used for window frames and dormers in the new development, renovation and recreation sector.

Transfer window

Besides the standard windowsills with round or pointed nose, there are also high-quality transfer window sills available. They have a pointed nose and offer help when demolition work is not desirable. The transfer window sills are placed over the existing window which quickly and easily improve the look of the frame. The transfer window sills are available in the colors white, cream, marble and cream marble.

Windowsill Type A and B

Milinboard Type A and B are available up to 60.5 cm wide. Due to the attractive design in combination with a plastic coating and strong honeycomb reinforcement, these window sills are scratch, moisture and UV-resistant. The Milinboard windowsill is available in four different colors. Type A is characterized by a rounded nose. Type B, however, has a pointed nose.

stonelook windowsill

Milinboard Stonelook in window sills of PVC are indistinguishable from real natural stone. The window sills are extremely durable and sturdy thanks to its highly durable melamine top layer and are available in six different finishes. The window sills are supplied as standard in 25 cm width and can be used on both sides, optionally with a broad nose and a narrow nose.